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Alisha Collins

Acera School, Winchester, MA
SEEDS Studio Lab Founder/ Program Manager/ Research Practitioner
Winchester, MA
Alisha is a designer, author, and educator interested in integrating storytelling, craft, wellness, play, and new technologies to create participatory learning practices. Her practice centers on nurturing children’s creative confidence with new technologies and encouraging their involvement in creative acts within their communities. She graduated from the MIT Media Lab and worked closely with the Lifelong Kindergarten group. She has taught in diverse schools for a decade, developing specialized curriculums and leading professional development workshops in India, USA, Canada, and Brazil. Her first book StartMaking!: A Guide to Engaging Young People in Maker Activities has been translated into different languages and adopted in many countries. She is the founder of SEEDS (Science, Engineering, Esthetics, Design, and Storytelling) interdisciplinary Studiolab at Acera School in Massachusetts where she leads creative maker activities and design-based research projects.