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Amir Zarkesh

CEO and Co-founder
San Francisco Bay Area

Amir is a Co-founder and the CEO of Polyup. Before Polyup, he co-founded iCelero, which spun off into Crunch, an AI-based video compression company, and Bluechip Systems, a low-power, high-performance computing company, for which Amir served as CEO. In the years prior, he co-founded 3Plus1 (acquired by a Private Equity), co-founded Transcendent Design (acquired by Mentor Graphics), and was a principal at Quad Design (acquired by Synopsys). Amir is the co-founder of iBRIDGES, a non-profit empowering young entrepreneurs. Amir is a recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award from UCLA. Amir received his PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics and MS in Electrical Engineering from UCLA.